The staff in the Owen Sound Attack Office are always available and eager to assist our fans and answer questions. To help serve you better, we have included some our most frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers to go along with it.

Q: What are raincheck dates and when are they?

A: Raincheck dates are designated games throughout the season where Early Bird Season Ticket Holders are able to redeem any unused tickets. For every seat an Early Bird Season Ticket Holder has, they are able to redeem 2 tickets for a raincheck game. Rainchecks must be done prior to 5:00pm the day prior to the game.

Q: How do I go about getting a player’s autograph?

A: The Attack hold several autograph sessions throughout the season, however; if you are unable to make those, merchandise purchased through the Attack Shack Merchandise shop may be autographed by the team or a single player free of charge. Our players are also some of the most accessible players in the OHL. If you see them out and about around town and want an autograph, just ask!

Q: How do I get a birthday or special occasion announced at an Attack game?

A: The Attack will be happy to announce your birthday or special occasion at one of our home games. When you arrive at the game, visit the fan services table in the South Concourse and make your submission. The Attack do not charge for announcements, although there is a $5.00 donation fee that goes directly to Big Brothers of Owen Sound. Fan entrance to the press box is strictly prohibited and all announcement requests must be made through the Fan Services table.

Q: We are coming from out of town. Will there be seats available?

A: Seat availability can vary from game to game. While there is a strong chance that tickets will be available, your desired location or the amount of tickets you require together may not be. You can check availability or order tickets over the phone by calling (519) 371-7452. Internet orders can also be made by online by clicking here.

Q: I purchased a ticket to an Attack game and now I cannot go. What do I do?

A: It is the Owen Sound Attack’s policy that we do not refund tickets for any game. We suggest finding a friend to give the ticket(s) to.

Q: I lost my ticket to an upcoming game. What do I do?

A: If you are a season ticket holder, we will gladly re-print your tickets for you. If the lost tickets were purchased for a single game, it is the Attack’s policy that your tickets cannot be re-printed.

Q: I have an idea or suggestion for the Attack that I feel will help them out. How do I go about submitting that.

A: If you have an idea for a concession item, community event or a general suggestion, please feel free to email it to

Q: The item I want is not in the Attack Shack Merchandise Shop OR Why is there little stock at times in the Attack Shack Merchandise Shop?

A: Many of our licensed distributors require a large minimum product order, so ordering single products may be out of the question. Unlike most retail stores, we only have a certain amount of time to sell our products and do not have any type of outlet store we can send them to. We try to offer a wide selection of clothing that will fit a number of different styles.

Q: People keep leaving their seats during the play. How can we stop this?

A: We field concerns from fans throughout the year regarding people leaving their seats. While there are several announcements made prior to the game and our security staff tries to restrict the access for people going TO their seats, the Attack have little to no control over people leaving their seats during play. We do ask that fans respect other fans and wait until a natural stoppage of play occurs before leaving their seat.