Game Day Volunteers

As part of the Owen Sound Attack’s plan to re-engage with the community and support charitable initiatives post Covid-19, we are looking for outgoing and motivated charitable groups who wish to volunteer as section ushers for Attack home games. We are looking for groups that can supply volunteers to work as ushers at our games. ¬†We are looking for a total of 10-20 ushers per game that can be a combination of many different volunteer groups.

Charitable organizations will receive a monetary contribution from the Attack for each representative they are able to send as home game volunteers. The Attack will provide a check to the charitable organization, group, municipality, or beneficiary equivalent to $50 per individual per game, as thanks for their time and contributions, at the end of the season. No checks will be issued to individuals.

Usher Responsibilities:

  • Will be provided with usher apparel + radio with direct contact to security
  • Maintain spot above designated section from when gates open (1 hour prior to puck drop) until after section is cleared post game.
  • Move to bottom of section stairwell during tv timeout and observe fans in seats. Any issues identified are notified to security.
  • Stop fans from entering seating area while play is on.
  • Inform fans coming to top of section during play that they must wait for a natural stoppage to leave their seats.
  • If any objects are launched into the stands (puck or other), check to ensure there are no injuries and alert security if there are.
  • Alert security of any medical issues in their section.
  • Provide direction to help fans find their seat and other important locations in the Bayshore.

If you have an interested group or party please fill in the below form and an Attack representative will be in contact with you. Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age.


Game Day Volunteer

The Owen Sound Attack are looking for Game Day Volunteers to fill the role of Ushers. Individuals or Charity Groups are welcome.
  • List the number of approximate volunteers available from your organization per game. (10+ volunteers preferred, Must be over 18 years of age)
  • Please provide a description of the organization you represent (name/objective, purpose of the organization, and size). You may also include the number of games you are interested in.
  • Please state your name, or please provide the name of the person to best contact from your group.
  • Please provide a contact phone number. Preferably the number of the contact person.
  • Please provide the best email for contact.