OHL Championship 10th Anniversary Celebration

It has been 10 years since the Owen Sound Attacks OHL Championship win.  As part of our anniversary celebration that includes the re-broadcasting of the entire seven game series versus the Mississauga St. Michaels Majors, Championship video and special edition of Attack Rap we want to hear from you the fans.  Tell us your story of the season , the championship, where you were?

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You can catch all the action the following ways:

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Here are some submissions from Attack fans of what they saw and experienced 10 years ago.

Keith Fawcett of Owen Sound wrote:
My story may not be funny to some but I still laugh.My friends son in Milton got us 3 tickets for gm 7 but one was a single so I took it. As I am getting to my seat #2 I realize #1 is a guy in Majors Jersey with drum,#3 is guy in Majors jersey with Trumpet, luckily all 3 of us were good natured people it was fun. Guy with drum says hope you don’t mind but when majors score we are gonna make alot of noise. I said I wouldn’t have it any other way that’s what your supposed to do. I said I hope you don’t mind but I have a loud voice and when Attack score myself and my 3000 friends are gonna blow the roof off and hopefully we get to make noise one more time than you guys. The shook my hand and congratulated us at the end I really don’t remember much more except alot of crying from this Attack fan. After this pandemic Can we do that again? PLEASE!!!! 

Sandy Rennick of Hepworth wrote:
I was across from the benches, about halfway up the stands at the Bayshore South. I saw the puck go in that won the game like it was happening in slo-mo. My friend and I jumped up and down, screaming and hugging each other, along with everyone around us. The ride back to Owen Sound was amazing and felt like the quickest ride down that long road that I had ever had, since the adrenaline did not stop. We saw people along hwy 10 in their front yards with signs, and we were honking and waving at everyone we saw – some knew why; many others likely did not, but they couldn’t help but smile at the fun we were having. It was a party the whole way home. The car in front of us held a dude who had so much energy from the win that at every red light from Missy to Markdale, he jumped out of the passenger seat, ran around the car, got to his door, shook his arms in the air in celebration, then jumped back in and they continued on.

I will never forget the impromptu party at the Bayshore afterward (remember the mayor saying she didn’t need to open the actual arena because we would just be having “a little get together in the lobby”?…good thing she changed her mind so quickly – haha). I remember one of my fave players from that team, Andrew Shaw (my other fave was Jordan Binnington), running into a slide on his bare belly on the ice, as a sort of ‘salute’ 😏 to the Missy coach for calling him a diver during the series.

It was amazing, throughout the playoffs, to see and feel the excitement and intensity build – from the few of us who took time out, late one evening early in the playoffs, to meet the bus when it arrived back at the Bayshore and congratulate our team after they won the London series, to the 3000+ of us who made Missy’s barn our home for an evening while our team made history.

Amazing times – and I’m ready for something like that to happen again, please. 😬



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